Bordesley Green Surgery

143-145 Bordesley Green, Birmingham B9 5EG

Private Fees

on-NHS Services

We provide a range of non-NHS services, with fees based on BMA rates (see below).

These include:

  • Accident/Sickness
  • Insurance Claims
  • Adoption Examination
  • Court of Protection
  • Data Protection Act
  • Driving Examination for Fitness to Hold HGV Licence etc
  • Employment Record Extract (no examination)
  • Holiday Cancellation Insurance Claim
  • Life Insurance Proposal
  • Sickness/Accident Insurance
  • Private Medicals
  • Blue Badge Scheme
  • Passport Countersignature
  • Private Prescriptions
  • School Fees Insurance Claims
  • Seat Belt Exemption
  • Private Medical Certificates
  • Solicitors’ Reports
  • Sports Fees
  • Fitness to Travel Certificates
  • Vaccinations
  • International Certificates

Certificates/Claim Forms

Any simple Certificate £20.00
Certificate of Vaccination £30.00
Data Protection Act access to records £10.00
Fit to Travel/Fit to Attend Certificate £30.00
Holiday Cancellation Certificate £40.00
Passport/Driving Licence Photo – Counter Signature £30.00
Private Letter £30.00
Private Prescription £22.00
Private Sick Note £30.00
Copies of Letters etc for Patients under Access to Health Records Act 1990 £0.50 per side (up to max £50.00)
Insurance Claim Form £40.00

Reports/Medical Examinations

Employer’s Report and Opinion – Fit to Work £100.00
Ofsted (charge to patient) £50.00
Fee for Medical Consultation – Private Patient £50.00
HGV, LGV, PCV £120.00
Standard Medical Examination (30 mins) £120.00
Taxi Driver Examination  (20 mins) £120.00
Nurse Consultation £22.00

Holiday and Travel Vaccines

Will patients please note that some holiday/travel vaccines are not available under the NHS.

Vaccination Price Per Dose Cost of Full Course (If Required)
Meningitis A&C 30.00
Yellow Fever 62.00
Replacement Certificate 30.00
Rabies 60.00 £175.00
Hepatitis B 20.00 £60.00
Hep B Blood Test 30.00
Jap B Encephalitis 95.00
Tetanus/Diphtheria Free
Polio Free
Hepatitis A Free
Typhoid Free

The cost of all vaccines required is payable in advance.

All private prescriptions (Malaria, or just in case antibiotics) will incur an item prescription cost of £22.00 (plus the cost of the tablets at the pharmacy).